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Time To Remodel?

Home remodeling can be done for various reasons, but there are a few primary reasons why homeowners in Saint Helens are putting money aside to renovate their homes.

Maximizing your home value

One of the main reasons people think about remodeling their home is so they make more money at the time of sale. The current tendency is for more substantial remodeling investments as homeowners recognize the chance to improve their return on investment when they sell their home. On top of that, newly renovated homes tend to sell quicker and for a premium price in contrast to homes with older baths and kitchens. Then again a higher resale value is not the only reason why a homeowner would decide to remodel their home.

Investing in your home

When confronted with the undertaking of shopping for another home, many homeowners realize that renovating their present home may be a more practical option. Though the real estate market has recovered for the most part, some of the consequences of the recession can still be felt. However, remaining in your present home also has its benefits, especially the fact that you get to save on the amount of time that you would have spent looking for a new house. Homeowners that opt for home renovation also are generally more satisfied at the end of the day since they remain in familiar surroundings.

When it’s necessary

Occasionally, home remodeling has to be done, such as when you need to make more space for your growing family. You may also have to enlarge your closet space to increase your storage area or make more effective use of the available space. After the kids move away empty nesters often decide to use their kids’ rooms for something else. Green remodeling is another growing phenomenon that comes with rebates and tax incentives, in addition to slashing your energy costs and increasing your home value.

Remodeling Contractors Saint Helens Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Saint Helens Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Saint Helens Oregon

Saint Helens Remodeling Services:

Home Additions

You love your home and location. For whatever reason you just need more room, and more efficient use of space.

Making substantial home improvements, such as adding an extra room or garage, could make a big difference in how much you enjoy your home and in its value, as well.

By combining your vision with our knowledge and creativity, we will produce an end-product that will fulfill your practical needs and your aesthetic objectives, too. Our design-build capabilities exceed all industry standards. We are committed to developing the best new homes and home additions in the area. We have rigorous standards of professionalism, and accept nothing but the best from our team. We will take care of every aspect of your renovation project from start to finish.


Outdated appliances, warped cabinets and damaged countertops are all indications that you need to think about kitchen remodeling, but there are many other reasons to upgrade your kitchen’s look. One major concern, for instance, is whether or not you are making the most productive use of your space. While a beautiful kitchen is nice, it should also be one of the most practical rooms in the home. In order to achieve this you have to take many different elements into consideration.

For whatever reason the importance of kitchen lighting can sometimes be disregarded. If you are not getting sufficient light you might want to consider moving the windows to allow more sunlight.

Small children or a growing family in general can increase the requirements of the kitchen and lead to required remodeling. Sometimes an old kitchen can even be a safety concern for little children if it included outdated designs and older appliances. An open kitchen plan would also be appropriate if you enjoy entertaining, allowing for greater interactions between rooms. You may also want to renovate your kitchen as you get older to make it safer for you and others.

When talking with real estate agents they will all agree that out of every room in the house the kitchen makes the biggest impact on home buying decisions. This means that a beautiful kitchen could very well be the difference between a quick sale and a home that remains on the market. If you decide to renovate your kitchen step one is to make a list of all the things that you want to fix, and their priority as well. Sometimes due to a limited budget you cannot make all of the changes that you want to make that is why you need decide beforehand which things to prioritize.


Since many homeowners are living in their homes longer, bathroom upgrading is becoming more common simply because problems will arise over time that ultimately need fixing. Most people begin their day in their bathroom, and having to look at the same cracked tiles every morning is hardly ideal. In addition, damaged fixtures and anything else that leaks water can lead to bigger trouble such as mold, and that is something you certainly don’t want to deal with.

Having a modernized, recently renovated bathroom can positively influence a potential buyers decision when viewing your home. This means that investing in bathroom remodeling could really help your home sell faster, and in the majority of cases, you also get to recoup a large percentage of your original investment. Having said that, resale value is not the only reason you might decide to renovate your bathroom. You may have no plans to move, but simply want your own quiet space. When you want to unwind from a hectic day a custom built shower or bath tub can have a huge impact on your ability to relax and recharge.

Remodeling Contractors Saint Helens Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Saint Helens Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Saint Helens Oregon


If you are fortunate enough to have a basement in your home, that suggests you have quite a bit of unfinished real estate at your fingertips, and you should make the most of it. Because it is so often left unfinished, actually finishing your basement can have a huge impact on your home’s resale value and draw in more potential buyers. A basement offers both creative and functional uses. The possibilities to utilize the space are almost endless. We can help you choose the best use of space. There really is no reason to let your basement go unused.

Get professional help

Renovating a basement can be a overwhelming task because in many cases it involves a lot of processes including plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall insulation and flooring. This is why, when it comes to basement remodeling as with all serious remodeling projects that you should only work with trustworthy remodeling contractors. Even so, this is one of the best kept secrets in space expansion and results in significant benefits from a financial standpoint as well as enhancing your quality of living.

Countertop choices

When redesigning your bathroom or kitchen, you want to focus on the features that will give you the best value for your money. Your countertops are one such component, and the best part is that they are available in as many materials, colors and finishes as you can imagine. Some of the most popular countertop choices that you could go for include granite, glass, butcher block, wood, cambria, marble, corian, concrete, laminate and soapstone.

You can make your countertop choice easier by considering numerous aspects, including durability, clean-up and maintenance. Having said that, you have to balance the overall performance of your countertops with visual appeals. Your countertops have to fit into the general design look of your home. In addition, while every countertop material comes with its aesthetic and practical benefits, you still need to determine whether each fits into your space and budget. For instance, we can all agree that marble countertops are simply breathtaking. However, because of the high cost they may not fit into every renovation budget. Granite is a close second, while wood and concrete offer much more budget friendly yet naturally handsome alternatives.

Don’t trust your home to amateurs

Your home is one of the most important investments a person ever makes. A professional renovator will not only help you get the most value for your money, but will also ensure you enjoy peace of mind throughout the makeover process. Certified contractors will discuss your ideas with you in detail and offer the technical advice, design concepts and product suggestions you may need.

If you have a renovation project in mind, Steve’s Home Improvement is here to handle all elements from design to execution. We are proud to serve Saint Helens and the surrounding community. We have a verified track record of successfully finishing all sizes of remodeling jobs on time and under budget. If you need help at any point along the way we have the knowledge and expertise to point you in the right direction and make certain that you are satisfied.

Contact Steve’s Home Improvement at (503) 342-8234 for all of your Saint Helens home remodeling needs.

Remodeling Contractors Saint Helens Oregon

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