Roofing Contractors Sandy OR

When it comes to replacing your roof you cannot do too much research.  In this line of work I have seen it all.  And when it comes to roofing contractors in Portland or anywhere else, there are 5 mistakes that I see homeowners make all the time.  Not only can these mistakes make a dent in your wallet, but they can leave a hole in the roof over your head – literally.

1. Please don’t go for the cheapest estimate.  If someone is willing to charge you a much lower rate than everyone else, you have to start to wonder why.  We all know that for the most part, you get what you pay for.  And when it comes to small things shopping for a bargain is ok.  However, when your home and your family’s safety are involved spend a little more and get the job done right.

2. Take the time to find out a little information about any potential roofing contractors that you might hire.  It is important for you to know beforehand if they are properly licensed.  Always ask for credentials.  This is the best way to protect yourself from someone that is unqualified.

3. Be sure to find out what kind of insurance the roofing company has before any work is done.  This is not the time to assume anything.  Be very specific so that you know what you are getting yourself into.  We all know how dangerous working on a roof can be, if the company is not properly covered and there is an accident on your job then you can be held liable.

4. Get it in Writing!!  Seriously, make sure that you have a signed agreement before the first nail is hammered.  The agreement should include, but not be limited to:

  • The agreed upon materials to be used
  • The estimated date of completion
  • The agree upon payment schedule
  • Details of the Warranty (included in a separate, detailed copy)
  • The company’s complete safety and insurance information

5. Not involving an estimator.  Consulting a qualified estimator is yet another way of protecting yourself.  Their written estimate can serve as a reference and should be acquired before any work is actually started.

We have been doing roof repair and replacement in Portland OR for many years.  I see homeowners make a lot of mistakes when dealing with contractors, but when it comes to roofing these 5 are definitely the most common.  Hopefully reading this will save you some time, money and above all STRESS.