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Home remodeling can be done for any number of reasons, but there are a few primary reasons why homeowners in Portland are putting money aside to update their homes.

Increasing your home value

One of the main reasons people think about remodeling their home is so they sell it at a higher price. The latest trend is for more substantial remodeling budgets as homeowners recognize the opportunity to increase their roi when they sell their home. It shouldn’t be surprising that homes with dated kitchens and baths are much more challenging to sell and can stay remain unsold for a long period of time. Nonetheless a higher price is not the only reason why a homeowner would choose to remodel their home.

Your home is an investment

When presented with the task of searching for another home, many homeowners realize that remodeling their present home may be a more practical alternative. Though the real estate market has recovered for the most part, some of the effects of the recession are still being felt. Just the time you save and anxiety you avoid by remaining in your present home can make it a better option in the long term. When you renovate your home you get to make it exactly the way you want rather than hoping to come across what you want someplace else. It really is a much less upsetting situation, and tends to lead to more contentment.

When it’s necessary

If you have a expanding family, your home has to expand with it. That is when remodeling is required. You may also have to increase your closet space to increase your storage area or make more practical use of the available space. After the kids move away empty nesters often decide to repurpose their kids rooms. Green renovation is another growing phenomenon that comes with tax breaks and rebates, in addition to cutting down your energy costs and increasing your home value.

Remodeling Contractors Portland Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Portland Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Portland Oregon

Portland Remodeling Services:

Home Additions

You love your home and neighborhood. If you had a little more space, you’d live there for many years to come.

This is where a home add-on, such as adding a bedroom or garage, could allow you to gladly stay in your current home while maximizing its value.

We use our years of creativity and experience to meet your artistic goals as well as your practical requirements. We will find the perfect balance of function and form. Our design-build capacities exceed all industry expectations. We are devoted to developing the best new homes and home additions in the neighborhood. That degree of devotion is maintained by our skilled staff – which is determined to help you satisfy every need during your renovation project.


An obsolete kitchen can negatively impact the perceived value of a home, in addition to decreasing its usability. The efficiency with which you use your kitchen space is always worth taking into consideration. While a gorgeous kitchen is nice, it should also be one of the most functional rooms in the home. If you wish to attain this you have to take many different factors into consideration.

Lighting is another critical element in any kitchen. Relocating your windows, for instance, may let more natural light into the room.

Young kids or a growing family generally can increase the requirements of the kitchen and lead to required remodeling. Bear in mind that outdated kitchen designs and appliances may be unsafe for young children. If you want to do more entertaining in your home you may discover that you need to upgrade to a more open kitchen design to allow greater social interaction. You may also want to remodel your kitchen as you get older to make it safer for you and others.

According to real estate professionals, the kitchen holds the greatest potential for swaying home purchasing decisions among potential buyers. This means that a gorgeous kitchen could very well be the difference between a immediate sale and a home that lingers on the market. If you intend to redesign your kitchen, it is a good idea to make a checklist of all the minor and major problems as well as the aspects you would like to add. If you cannot change everything you want to, it is important to prioritize and determine what among your needs and wants is most important.


In recent years the trend has been to live in the same house for a longer time. This has resulted in bathroom remodeling being more common not only for aesthetics, but for function. Most people start off their day in their bathroom, and staring at the same damaged tiles every morning is hardly ideal. Not to mention that bathroom fittings can break or leak and over time lead to much more costly issues. Water damage can be an expensive issue, and mold can lead to severe health conditions.

Having a modernized, recently remodeled bathroom can certainly influence a potential buyers decision when viewing your home. Just like with kitchens, remodeling your bathroom can be considered an investment that will help your home sell more quickly at a higher price. However, many people today redesign their bathrooms simply to change its current look or create their own oasis. When you want to unwind from a hectic day a custom built bath tub or shower can have a huge impact on your ability to relax and recharge.

Remodeling Contractors Portland Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Portland Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Portland Oregon


If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your home, that suggests you have quite a bit of unfinished real estate at your fingertips, and you should really make the most of it. Basement finishing honestly ranks right up there with bathroom and kitchen renovating in increasing your home’s resale value in addition to making it more attractive to potential buyers. A basement offers both functional and creative uses. The opportunities to utilize the space are almost infinite. We can help you decide on the best use of space. Since the space already is available, you might as well put it to use rather than waste it.

Get professional help

The reason so many people leave their basement unfinished is that the process can be extremely difficult. When you remodel a basement you have to consider electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall installation, and even flooring. This is why, when it comes to basement remodeling as with all major remodeling projects that you should only work with established remodeling contractors. Despite the fact that it can be quite difficult, properly using the space can change the entire feel of your home, increase its value, and improve your quality of life.

Countertop choices

When redesigning your kitchen or bathroom, you should focus on the features that will give you the greatest value for your money. Your countertops are one such component, and the good news is that they come in as many materials, colors and finishes as you can envision. Some of the popular countertop options that you could go for include granite, glass, butcher block, wood, cambria, marble, corian, concrete, laminate and soapstone.

There are multiple elements such as maintenance, and durability that can help you pick out which countertop choices are ideal for you. Keeping that in mind, you have to balance the performance of your countertops with appearance. Your countertops have to fit into the overall design look of your home. In addition, while every countertop component comes with its practical and aesthetic features, you still need to figure out whether each fits into your space and more importantly budget. Marble is the top of the line among countertops, but its cost may not fit all budgets. Granite is a close second, while wood and concrete offer much more reasonably priced yet naturally handsome alternatives.

Leave it to the pros

Your home is one of the most important investments a person ever makes. A professional remodeling contractor will not only help you get the most bang for your buck, but will also ensure you enjoy peace of mind throughout the makeover process. Expert contractors will discuss your options with you in detail and offer the practical advice, design concepts and product solutions you may need.

If you have a renovation project in mind, Steve’s Home Improvement is available to take care of all facets from design to execution. We are proud to serve Portland and the surrounding area. We have a verified track record of successfully completing all sizes of remodeling jobs on time and within budget. If you need help at any point during this process we have the experience and the know how to point you in the right direction and ensure that you are completely satisfied.

Contact Steve’s Home Improvement at (503) 342-8234 for all of your Portland home renovation needs.

Remodeling Contractors Portland Oregon

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