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If your McMinnville home is starting to feel cramped now might be the right time to give some thought to finishing your basement. You might have trouble seeing past the constraints of your basement, but the truth is that it can be used for more than a creepy room where you keep all your storage boxes and utilities. Getting creative with your basement space will allow you to make use of the added footage, and enhance the value of your home. Even so, you have to realize that basement remodeling is much more complex than other rooms.

Before you start creating a basement dream board on Pinterest you should actually assess your basement to see if a remodeling project is feasible. Remodeling your basement is completely different from renovating the other rooms in your home. There are many unique challenges that need to be taken into consideration. Therefore, it is vitally important that you understand these challenges if you want to be sensible about the changes you want to make.

What will you use your basement for?

Once you have determined that your basement can be remodeled, then you must determine how to best use the space. Converting a basement into a home theater room has become a very popular idea in recent years.. Obviously that is an option, but there are many different potential uses for your basement, including a home gym, mother-in-law suite, home office, or even an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) to generate extra cash.

Basement Remodeling McMinnville Oregon
Basement Remodeling McMinnville Oregon
Basement Remodeling McMinnville Oregon

The possibilities may seem almost limitless, and you can even incorporate two or more ideas if you have the space. When deciding on how to use your basement, keep in mind that your design ideas have to conform with local building codes. Case in point, if you choose to convert the area into a bedroom, you will need several means of egress, so you would need to install windows that are large enough to fit through in case of a house fire.

Do I have to have a Yard Sale?

Everybody knows that for some reason basements tend to eventually turn into junk rooms. Which means that all this junk needs to go somewhere else when you remodel your basement. You may need to still commit some of the basement room for storage reasons rather than using it all up as finished space. However, you can also find more creative ways to create storage areas in your house. From something as simple as building extra shelving or closets under the basement stairs, to more complex cabinetry and storage ideas; it is an opportunity to get innovative and make optimum use of every square foot.

What about basement flooring?

Because basements are below ground level the types of flooring that available are rather limited. Carpet is obviously a standard for upper level rooms, but in a basement environment it can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This may occur if you have a water problem, in addition to the hassle of a constantly wet or damp carpet. If this is the case, you should ask us about basement waterproofing solutions to solve that problem. That said, dry basements actually do exist. If you happen to be fortunate enough to have a dry basement then carpet is a perfectly reasonable choice. If you basement doesn’t have moisture issues, theres no reason why you shouldn’t get carpet.

Everyone knows that moisture is often times an issue with basements and this can affect your choice of flooring. Thankfully there are sub-floors that are specifically designed for basements. These are designed to form a barrier to any moisture that might permeate the concrete slab underneath. An all-in-one floor is an alternative – it combines a plastic sub-floor tiles with a finished floor surface covering. Finishing the concrete floor is also an option, and you can even include color or stain options. The benefit of concrete is that you never have to worry about mold, but with concrete it is worth considering adding in-floor radiant heat to protect against moisture and help with climate control.

McMinnville Basement Finishing

There are many additional things to consider for your basement remodeling, including your ceiling options, window and lighting options as well as all the building codes. Because of this, it is always recommended to work with experts who understand all the unique challenges that come with basement finishing. Our expert team of remodeling professionals know all the the inner workings of basement remodeling as well the building code unique to Yamhill County, Oregon.

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Basement Remodeling McMinnville Oregon

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