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Need a Bathroom Makeover?

If you wish to build your own private oasis, then bathroom remodeling might be necessary. You can recreate many of the benefits of your favorite spa in the comfortable surroundings of your own home. Keeping that in mind, the proper planning and preparation are required if you want your remodeling project in Damascus to be a success.

Function or Style?

When it comes to the bathroom, a lot is going on in a fairly little area. As such, it is important to focus on both function and style. You need to consider how much traffic this specific bathroom gets and how you use its amenities. Obviously the master bathroom will be used differently from a bathroom predominately used by guests, or a shared kids’ bathroom. For instance, if you mainly use your bathroom to brush your teeth and take quick showers, the colors and materials will be quite different from those of a bathroom in which you spend several hours with soft music and candles when relaxing.

How much longer do you plan to stay?

With something like this you should certainly take the future into consideration, such as whether you intend to remain in your home indefinitely. If this is the situation, you will need to consider how your needs will evolve as you get older. Thankfully there are creative ways to create a universal design that looks trendy now while integrating features you may need in the future.

What can you afford to spend

While the kitchen is the primary room in house when it comes to renovation, the bathroom is a close second. This means you probably have constraints to your spending plan as well as targets for a good roi, and this is why the preparation phase for your remodeling project is so crucial. It is impossible to overemphasized how critical the budgeting and planning are to a successful bathroom remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling Damascus Oregon
Bathroom Remodeling Damascus Oregon
Bathroom Remodeling Damascus Oregon

Once you have established a acceptable budget you can quickly get rid of any options that fall outside of it, which will permit you to focus on changes and features that are actually feasible. Ventilation, layout and fixtures choices are all part of the preparation process for your project.

There are different types of investments

When budgeting, it is vital to first conduct a comprehensive assessment of your finances so you know exactly how much you can invest. It is also important to consider how much longer you plan to live in your home. If your answer is anything less than five years then you should view every dime you spend as a financial investment in which you hope to earn a return. If you plan to stay more than 5 years then you should consider your budget as an investment in your quality of life and that of your family.

Decide what your priorities are

When considering your budget for your bathroom remodel don’t forget that labor cost will probably be about one third the cost of the overall project. To stay within budget you will need to prioritize each item as a want or a need, obviously the needs must take precedent. The first things to cut would be the little extra luxuries that would be nice but are not essential to the room’s function, like a steam shower or towel warmer.

Damascus Bathroom Remodeling

Always leave a little leeway

Another important financial consideration you need to make is the unanticipated surprises that will in all likelihood come up, forcing you to spend money. A safe rule of thumb is to keep 10 percent of the labor cost separate from your operating budget to ensure you are covered in case a problem comes up. The best thing is that if the financial cushion is not tapped into, you will have some extra money at the project’s end for those extra luxuries you might have had to cut out.

Your home deserves expert attention

Truth be said, bathroom remodeling can be pricey, but even with a moderate budget, you can still get a appreciable amount of work done. Often times people don’t want to hire experts because they think they will be too expensive. In reality hiring less skilled workers will cost you more in the long run because of problems that will arise from sub par work. When you work with luxury bathroom remodeling contractors they will make certain that you get the most out of your investment.

If you intend to attempt a home renovation or bathroom remodeling project in your Damascus home, we at Steve’s Home Improvement would be grateful to be of service. We can help you bring your idea to life, while helping you set sensible goals for your remodeling project. Call us today at (503) 342-8234 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Bathroom Remodeling Damascus Oregon

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