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Need A Kitchen Makeover?

Homeowners invest a good deal more money on their kitchen remodeling projects than on just about every other home improvement project. The good news is that the costs of kitchen remodeling can be recovered by the increase in value added to your home. Having said that it takes some intelligent planning and pragmatic decisions if you want to get the most bang for your buck.

How much time should you take to plan?

If you want to do it properly, it might take longer to plan your kitchen remodel than the actual construction does. In fact, the National Kitchen and Bath Association recommends spending at least six months planning so you are absolutely sure about every little thing by the time construction starts. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding out new things along the way that you want to include that could affect the construction process.

With the proper preparation we can reduce your level of inconvenience that comes about during the construction phase. More importantly it could lower your expenses in the long run, and at the very least help you to adhere to your budget. The last thing you want to do is interrupt the construction process once it has begun. This would likely result in additional construction costs and negatively affect your return on investment.

Keep structural changes to a minimum

One sure fire way to drive up your remodeling costs is to change the location of your plumbing pipes, electrical outlets or knocking down walls. With all the unforeseen issues that can potentially come from this, it is best to leave the kitchen structurally intact. Not only will you reduce your demolition costs, but there also won’t be anywhere near the same level of debris to deal with during the project.

Kitchen Remodeling Cornelius Oregon
Kitchen Remodeling Cornelius Oregon
Kitchen Remodeling Cornelius Oregon

What are your priorities?

Many homeowners make the mistake of focusing on kitchen tools and appliances rather than the overall design and ultimate efficiency of their kitchen. You may have your eye on a luxury brand refrigerator or commercial grade cooker, but will they actually fit your cooking needs and lifestyle? Experts recommend investing your money in features that are more long term and increase value, such as flooring or new cabinets.

Don’t forget to measure

Whichever new features you decide to add, you should be certain you can actually get them into the kitchen. You might really want an extra-large refrigerator, but if you can’t fit it through your doorway then you will have to choose a different size. I may be obvious to you, but many times people forget that any bulky items that you buy for your kitchen have to make it through your front door. This will mean measuring your doors, counters, walkways as well as the ceiling height. You should never begin construction until you have gathered all the necessary materials.

Cornelius Kitchen Remodeling

Go for quality

While you obviously don’t want to blow you money on a bunch of overly expensive luxury kitchen items, you also don’t want to buy cheap items now that don’t last. What may appear to be a deal now might cost you more in the long run. The key is to find the sweet spot between affordability and high quality. You should also focus on products with low maintenance requirements and long warranty periods. For example, top quality countertops may seem costly at the outset, but will still look fantastic for a long time to come.

Expect the unexpected

As with any venture like this you have to be prepared for the unexpected. It doesn’t matter how much time you spend planning your remodeling job, there’s virtually no way to avoid an occasional unwanted surprise. For example, it’s always worthwhile to add a little leeway for the completion of your project. If you must have it completed by December for example, then plan for the project to close in October to be safe.

When is it time to call the professionals?

Employing professional help from the start, as early as the planning stage, is a safe way to guarantee that remodeling the kitchen in your Cornelius home will be a success. Pros know how to simplify what would otherwise seem complicated. Our expert skills would also be helpful in foreseeing potential problems which you can then avoid and save yourself a lot of money in the process. We always maintain open lines of communication with our clients. This will ensure that you are always on the same page, and it will definitely make it easier to stay on budget.

Are you considering a kitchen remodel for your Cornelius home? Steve’s Home Improvement is here to make the project as stress free as possible. We are a team of professional home and kitchen remodeling contractors that will walk with you every step of the way and create the dream kitchen you want. Call us today at (503) 342-8234 today to arrange an appointment.

Kitchen Remodeling Cornelius Oregon

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