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Adding value to your home

One of the most significant reasons homeowners think about remodeling their home is so they sell it at a higher price. In fact, remodeling budgets are growing as homeowners expect to recoup their remodeling costs at the time of resale. It shouldn’t be surprising that homes with out-of-date bath and kitchens are much harder to sell and can remain on the market for a very long time. However, selling is not the only motivating factor for home improvements.

Investing in your home

Many homeowners these days are selecting to remodel their existing homes rather than selling them off to shop for better homes. Though the real estate market has recovered, some of the consequences of the recession are still being felt. However, staying in your existing home also has its perks, especially the fact that you get to save on the amount of time that you would have spent hunting for a new house. When you remodel your home you get to make it exactly the way you want rather than hoping to come across what you want somewhere else. It really is a much less stressful situation, and tends to result in more satisfaction.

When it’s necessary

Occasionally, remodeling your home has to be done, particularly when you need to make more room for your expanding family. You may also need to increase your closet space to increase your storage area or make more efficient use of the available space. Having said that, once your children move out of the house, you may choose to repurpose some of the rooms in your home. With all the rebates and tax incentives, eco-friendly remodeling is also a new trend. It allows you to increase the value of your home while saving money on energy bills and reducing your impact on your environment.

Remodeling Contractors Clackamas Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Clackamas Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Clackamas Oregon

Clackamas Remodeling Services:

Home Additions

You love your home and neighborhood. For whatever reason you just need more room, and more efficient use of space.

This is where a home addition, such as adding a bedroom or garage, could let you to happily stay in your present home while increasing its value.

By combining your vision with our expertise and ingenuity, we will produce an end-product that will satisfy your functional requirements and your cosmetic goals, too. Our design-build capabilities exceed all industry expectations. We are committed to developing the best new homes and home improvements in the area. We have rigorous standards of professionalism, and expect nothing but the best from our team. We will handle every facet of your remodeling project from start to finish.


An outdated kitchen can negatively impact the overall value of a home, not to mention decreasing its functionality. One major consideration, for instance, is whether or not you are making the most productive use of your space. The best kitchens are the most functional, and this will be affected by details such as the position of your fridge or the size and shape of your counter.

Lighting is another crucial element in any kitchen. If you are not getting adequate light you might consider moving the windows to allow more sunlight.

Young children or a growing family in general can increase the requirements of the kitchen and lead to required renovation. Bear in mind that dated kitchen appliances and designs may be unsafe for young children. An open kitchen plan would also be a suitable option if you enjoy entertaining guests, allowing for greater interactions between rooms. You may also want to renovate your kitchen as you grow older to make it less dangerous for you and others.

When talking with realtors they will all concur that out of every room in the house the kitchen has the biggest impact on home buying decisions. This means that a striking kitchen could very well be the difference between a immediate sale and a home that remains on the market. If you decide to redesign your kitchen step one is to make a list of all the things that you want to fix, and their priority as well. Sometimes due to budgetary concerns you cannot make all of the improvements that you want to make that is why you need decide beforehand which things are a priority.


In the past few years the tendency has been to live in the same home for a lot longer. This has resulted in bathroom remodeling being more common not only for appearance, but for functionality. Looking at the same dated look, and cracked tiles first thing in the morning day after day can eventually get to anyone. Not to mention that bathroom fittings can leak or break and in time lead to much more costly issues. Water damage can be a pricey issue, and mold can lead to severe health conditions.

Potential buyers put a lot of importance on a updated bathroom. This means that spending money on remodeling your bathroom could really help your home close faster, and in the majority of cases, you also get to recuperate a large percentage of your investment. On the other hand, resale value is not the only reason to remodel your bathroom. You may have no plans to move, but simply want your own quiet space. A custom built shower or bath tub makes for a relaxing time when preparing for your day or unwinding from a busy workday.

Remodeling Contractors Clackamas Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Clackamas Oregon
Remodeling Contractors Clackamas Oregon


The term unfinished basement has become synonymous with squandered space. If you are lucky enough to have a basement you really should try to make use of it. Because it is very often left undone, actually finishing your basement can have a huge effect on your home’s resale value and draw in more possible buyers. The potential functional and creative uses of your basement are countless, and in comparison to other traditional areas in your home, the basement offers the greatest usage options and can even be used as a multi-purpose area. Since the space already is available, you might as well put it to use rather than waste it.

Get professional help

The reason so many people leave their basement unfinished is that the process can be extremely difficult. When you renovate a basement you have to take into consideration electrical, plumbing, HVAC, drywall installation, and even flooring. This is why, when it comes to basement makeovers as with all major remodeling projects that you should only work with established remodeling contractors. Even so, this is one of the best kept secrets in space expansion and delivers significant rewards from a financial standpoint as well as enhancing your quality of life.

Countertop choices

When redesigning your bathroom or kitchen, you should consider the components that will give you the best value for your investment. Your countertops are one such component, and the good news is that they are offered in as many colors, materials and finishes as you can envision. Some of the popular countertop options that you could go for include granite, glass, butcher block, wood, cambria, marble, corian, concrete, laminate and soapstone.

There are numerous elements such as maintenance, and extended life that can help you narrow down which countertop choices are right for you. You also need to make sure that the countertop you choose will match your design style. Once you have found the balance between form and function, your ultimate decision is in regards to your remodeling budget. Marble is the top of the line among countertops, but its cost may not fit all budgets. Granite countertops, while just as beautiful also carry a similar cost. Wood and concrete in contrast can be a visually pleasing alternative which are much more budget friendly.

Don’t trust your home to amateurs

Your home is one of the most significant investments a person ever makes. You need a fully bonded & licensed remodeling contractor. Not only will they ensure that you get the more return for your investment, but you will be able to relax. Certified contractors will discuss your ideas with you in detail and offer the practical advice, design concepts and product solutions you may need.

If you have a renovation project in mind, Steve’s Home Improvement is available to handle all facets from design to execution. We are proud to serve Clackamas and the surrounding community. We have the skills and experience to help ensure your home renovation project is successful, and will offer any advice you may need when making the complicated choices that could make all the difference in giving your home a refreshing new look.

For all your home renovation needs give Steve’s Home Improvement a call at (503) 342-8234 Today.

Remodeling Contractors Clackamas Oregon

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